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3000/9000 Shot Refills
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Fragrance Character & Intensity Chart

3000 shot
premium 3000 shot refills
TimeMist® 3000 Shot Micro Metered Air Fresheners.
  • Provides 30 days of continuous use when set at 15 minute intervals.
  • 12/case.

33-6302TMCA Clean N' Fresh
33-6304TMCA Country Garden
33-6308TMCA Citrus
33-6324TMCA Caribbean Waters
33-6328TMCA French Kiss
33-6341TMCA Raspberry Acai Splash
33-6343TMCA Creamsicle
33-6360TMCA Mango

TimeMist® 3000 Shot Micro Starter Kits & 4 Packs.
  • Starter Kits contain one refill and one Micro Plus Dispenser.
  • 4 packs contain 4 each of one fragrance.
  • 12/case.

32-6302TMCA Clean N' Fresh Starter Kit
33-6302TMCA4PK Clean N' Fresh 4 pack
32-6308TMCA Citrus Starter Kit
33-6308TMCA4PK Citrus 4 pack
32-6360TMCA Mango Starter Kit
33-6360TMCA4PK Mango 4 pack
Clean N' Fresh
Country Garden
French Kiss
Caribbean Waters
Raspberry Acai Splash
9000 shot
premium 9000 shot refills
TimeMist® 9000 Shot Metered Air Fresheners.
  • Time and labor saver.
  • For use in TimeMist 9000 Shot Dispenser.
  • Lasts up to 90 days.
  • 4/case.

    33-6402TMCA Clean & Fresh
    33-6415TMCA Citrus
    33-6414TMCA Cherry
    33-6460TMCA Mango
    33-6411TMCA Cinnamon
    33-6443TMCA Creamsicle
    33-6424TMCA Caribbean Waters
    33-6441TMCA Raspberry Acai Splash